by Derek Day

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Drums: Dru Marshall
Guitars; Bass; Keys; Vocals: Derek Day


I have got a lot to offer, but nothing to give.
And yes i know the Loch Ness monster is nothing too big .
And say I'm burning through luck much faster than the holy book lit. And i guess nowhere is a start, but you sure did break my heart. Nowhere is my start, but you sure did break eye contact of our parts. you shouldn't break young hearts. you sure did break ice.

talking' real fast can make you seem like a real experienced man, but i don't need to hide behind a body of wood with 6 strings or a body of flesh blood with over 6 hundred thousand words to feel like me or myself to be heard. ah ha. ah ha.

You're a real sweetheart, now if only you had a real heart, you would know how it feels to be torn apart by something other or more than what you deserve. and all the worse, its in the hearse when it gets worse


And what it comes down to is
that all of this world is the same
just one big wasteland to make plans

And when the time comes where there ain't much left to say
well lets just shake hands and pay thanks

off we'll make our separate ways through the waves of rare moments
alone and hopefully with good friends
Name your world and purpose your own but don't label mine wishful thinking,
sweet Nessie was mine- i got to get to her sinking.



released September 5, 2016
Recorded and Mixed at Soukiasyan Sound
Mastered by Nada Recording




Derek Day Los Angeles, California

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